What improvements do you hope to see in high-end audio in 2015?

Let me just dispel any notions that in the space of one year we're going to get a better sounding music format, the end to the Loudness Wars, or a decent sounding Bluetooth speaker. I'm thinking about things that might actually happen, not fantasy stuff.

First on my wish list: Apple turns the key and offers bona fide high-resolution iTunes, and a next-generation iPod Classic that plays high-resolution music. The possibility isn't far-fetched: Apple has been ingesting high-resolution albums for a few years, with a minimum of 48KHz/24-bit digital audio. So it already has a huge backlog of albums and songs ready to go.

Read more: http://www.cnet.com/news/what-improvements-do-you-hope-to-see-in-high-end-audio-in-2015/

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