Sony also presented its remarkable native 4K home theater projector at CES 2015

Sony showed off a lot of cool new 4K gadgets and technology at last week’s CES 2015, including a whole new lineup of ultra-flat ultra HD TVs, new 4K action cameras and other non-UHD devices but among the items on display were also some 2014 beauties that still don’t get the attention they deserve.

We’re talking about the company’s highly unique line of 4K home theater projectors and they’re worth noting because really, they’re pretty much the only devices of their kind on the market today.

Of particular interest was the Sony VPL VW350ES Ultra HD projector, which is retailing for a price tag of around $9,999. So far, this is really the only home theater projector you can buy except for other projectors that are also from Sony!

Sony is one of the major manufacturers of projectors (both 4K and HD) for commercial cinemas and as such, the company owns the proprietary SXRD chipset that drives their projector solutions. The company also produces home theater projectors that work in exactly the same way as their commercial counterparts and provide the same exquisite degree of quality on a scaled down level.

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