Boomers living in the wired home

For years, tech enthusiasts have raved about the potential of cutting-edge “smart home” technologies that would allow homeowners to remotely monitor and run their everyday appliances and electronic systems with the simple push of a button. Now that smart-home era has arrived.

Propelled by the emergence of digital mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads, remote-control systems are increasingly being installed in homes for a variety of household items: television and sound systems, heating and air-conditioning units, lights, garage doors, security cameras, and other gadgets.

“The trend is pretty much exploding right now,” said Joseph Prentiss, president of Yankee Electrical Co. in Shrewsbury. “An iPhone, iPad, or other mobile devices are now effectively remote controls in your hand. Instead of having to get up to flick a light switch on the wall, you can just touch your iPad while you’re still on the couch.”

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