Crestron: the age of the fully automated house

Lighting, security systems, heating and air-conditioning and other now-obvious extensions to this control system presented themselves with breath-taking frequency, aided by the spread of the affordable, compact, user-friendly computers. The concept of phoning home from one’s car to adjust the ambient temperature on the way back from work, turning on the oven to re-heat some leftovers, or checking the fridge to see if there’s enough milk have all been made real.

Crestron can automate and integrate to levels of simplicity no more terrifying than using a microwave oven. A fully “Crestron’d” home leaves little for the inhabitants to do but employ and enjoy their various appliances’ functions, minus the tears. The leap from movies and music, and now multi-media gaming, to life-enhancing convenience and piece of mind, involved the sourcing or manufacturing of powered blinds and curtains, accessing in-home computer networks, and “talking” to the latest smart appliances.

But there was a catch: installing such a system meant tearing apart the home to fit the wiring and the assorted control hardware, including the wall-mounted keypads. While this wasn’t an issue for new buildings addressed at the pre-wiring stage, or homes being redecorated, those with finished interiors would have to consider carefully their willingness to rip it up.

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