Serena Shades by Lutron Electronics Review

In the realm of home automation, it seems like you can get pretty much anything anymore. I personally have reviewed automated cameras, door locks, lights, and thermostats – but there is so much more out there. We are really starting to approach the level of tech inside of our houses that you can see on older shows (yes, even cartoons) like the Jetsons. Houses where everything can be handled and managed by the push of a button are coming, and because of the serious influx of new products, they won’t only be for those with unlimited bank accounts. The next product on my list of automated things in my house – window shades from Lutron.

When thinking about something high tech in your house, shades are probably one of the last things you would have in your mind, but these could certainly be going in the right direction to change that. The thing with these though, is that the “automation” feature of them is only one selling point, and they are pretty phenomenal without that. So before I talk about that, let me get into the design aspects of the shades first.

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