Are smart homes becoming easy prey for hackers?

While the increasing use of home automation technology to create your version of a ‘smart house’ may be all the trend and seem practical, Richard Keymer Head of Pre-sales at SecureData Africa warns of the flipside in that once an automation system is established and can be operated remotely online, then chances are it can be hacked.

“A growing trend in electronics is to have them integrate with your home network in order to provide potentially useful features such as automatic updates or to extend the usefulness of existing technologies such as remotely controlling irrigation systems, pool pumps, garage doors, cameras and other devices. This allows their owners to turn these things on and off with a Smartphone app or via the Web.

“However, what living in this world of network-connected in fact means is that we run even greater risk of being compromised. Even more terrifying is that while in the past a compromise only meant your data was out of control, today it can enable control over the physical world,” he comments.

Keymer explains that as we bring things in your homes onto the Internet, we run into the same kind of security concerns we have for any connected device.

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