Projectors or TV for home theater?

If you want to go big in home theater, whether to go with a really big TV, or a projector and screen. Projectors have gotten a lot brighter and more affordable, but TVs are bigger, clearer, and brighter. To help you decide which will work best in your own home theater, we’ve put together this guide comparing projectors and TVs. We’ve detailed how the two differ in installation, sound quality, and convenience. How much bang can you get for your buck? We’ve broken down picture quality considerations in terms of their relative costs for both TVs and projector/screen combinations. Read more:

Sonos brings soundbar into smart home era

Sonos has earned itself a dedicated army of enthusiasts. The company defined the multiroom/connected speaker space, bringing home audio into the internet era. If you’ve been tempted to get Sonos, but weren’t sure where to start, the Beam is for you. Not only is it affordable, solid speaker, it is a capable soundbar and Alexa assistant rolled into one. For serious movie buffs, you might want to consider the Playbase or Playbar. Either way, the Beam shows that Sonos is thinking beyond music, and how it can fit into every aspect of the modern home. Read more:

Logitech bounces back with speakers, universal remote for Smart Home

While best-known for keyboards and mice, Logitech has bounced back by investing in video game equipment, earphones, speakers, smart car accessories and home security cameras. “We try to carve off areas where we feel we can be a leader, maybe not in the whole category, but in our slice of the category, and then we try to gain market share through innovation,” CEO Darrell said. Analyst Kirk Adams of Rosenblatt Securities credited Darrell with turning around the company by revamping engineering, manufacturing and marketing. Logitech also shed an unprofitable video-conferencing services unit and a low-profit business based on building keyboards for PC makers. Read more:

Smart Vents Give Temperature Control

While Nest smart thermostats are great, one of their main issues is that they are often simply mounted in the hallway and don't measure temperatures in various rooms.That's an issue that startup called Flair is trying to fix, having released a smart vent system that is designed to control temperatures across all rooms, rather than relying on settings from one thermostat. "It can figure out the differential, and if you want this room when you're in it to be more comfortable"... Read more:

Installing Smart Home Can Make Life Easier

Today, just about anyone can turn their home into a high-tech automated hub that not only keeps your family safe and secure, it also lets you monitor and control a slew of functions from anywhere using your phone, tablet or computer. For example, Cox Homelife, professionally monitored and remote home management system, provides advanced features in addition to what you get in a traditional alarm system with time-saving, cost-saving and worry-saving features to help customers protect, monitor and control their home and ensure their family’s safety. Here are seven ways a smart home can make your life more awesome than ever. Read more:

Winner of Smart Home announced

A mother of five won the HGTV Smart Home 2016 sweepstakes, a prize including a fully furnished three-story home with “smart” technology, a 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC and $100,000. The winner had entered HGTV contests before, said she virtually toured the house online and fell in love with the home's master bedroom and bathroom, the open kitchen and the screened-in porch. She entered the sweepstakes, and her name was selected. Smith said she was impressed with the home's tech components, including the lights and sound system that can be controlled with an electronic tablet. Read more:

Marantz's latest AV Receiver

Marantz has announced an addition to its 2016 AV receiver line. The SR6011 builds upon the previously announced SR5011 by adding two extra channels of amplification. The nine-channel SR6011 can support a 7.1.2 or 5.1.4 Dolby Atmos speaker setup; it also features 11.2-channel processing to add more Atmos channels with the use of an external amplifier. More features are listed in the press release below. Read more: