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Sonos Subwoofer...let the party begin!

Sonos SUB So I just received the Sonos Subwoofer after a long anticipated arrival.  I decided I wanted a subwoofer to add some lows to my kitchen in-ceiling speakers.  Here at Central Coast Audio Visual, we install A LOT of Sonos House Audio Systems throughout Southern California, I figured I better find out if Sonos hit the mark with this.  Since I'm already a loyal Sonos user, adding the Sub to my existing Sonos Connect Amp that runs the Revel C780 in-ceiling speakers in my Kitchen was a snap.  I also have the perfect nook in my kitchen to house the sub.  It's beautiful but definitely would look a little funky sitting next to your dogs water bowl.  After a painless software update, the SUB was ready to be added to the room.  A few setup test tones helps tune the sub to your room as well as your musical bass preference. My eagerness to hear how this sub performed brought me straight to Pandora - Tupac - California Love.  Immediately I could hear the highs of my