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Digital Signage All The Rage

With more and more businesses adopting digital signage as a way to engage customers we are really seeing a shift into a digital world.  Digital signage is a proven way to provide your clients and employees with the latest news, menu items, company performance, and marketing information.  The following are just a few ways Central Coast AV has integrated signage into a broad array of businesses: Credit Unions/Banks : Have you been to your local bank lately?  Was there a line to wait for the next available teller?  Did you see a screen broadcasting news, stock info and potentially new bank offerings or advice?  Most likely.  This is great way to keep customers at bay and a simple way to subtly tell them more about your services. Corporate America : We've implemented signage within Fortune 500 businesses for a variety of uses.  In the lobby it's a great way to inform your visitors of business success and achievements.  On the sales floor it's an excellent way to engage