Sonos Whole Home Audio System...Amazing!

So we've been installing Sonos whole home music systems for a number of years now.  All I can say is that we've had nothing but the utmost success.  Sonos based in Santa Barbara (our home town) makes an incredible product.  Sonos has created a fairly non invasive way to add music throughout your home.  Many of their systems are easily setup by the homeowner themselves. 

When it gets more sophisticated or you want to incorporate Sonos into your existing house audio system is where we come in.  We've setup 20+ zone Sonos systems through massive estates that are both controlled by Sonos directly or integrated into 3rd party control systems like Audio Access, AMX, Control 4, Crestron, or Savant. 

On one of the Montecito Estate projects we recently worked on we paired Sonos with Lexicon and Crown Amplifiers to bring added volume to the high end speakers we installed.  We paired a number of Sonos Connect's with a couple Lexicon DD8 Amplifiers to push 125 watts to a clients house filled with Revel W990 In Wall Speakers (The Lexicon amps are incredible but that's a whole different discussion).  These speakers require more power than your standard in ceiling house audio speakers.  The end result was incredible sound that knocked the clients socks off!

We've also been utilizing Sonos Connect's with 70v Outdoor Audio Systems.  This allows one Sono's box to create sound for a large garden, patio, or yard.  We carry a variety of speakers from James Loudspeaker, Rockustics, and SoundTube to fit every type of outdoor application.

Call Central Coast Audio Visual if we can assist you with a house audio system or more.  

Outdoor Speakers by Soundtube, Sonos Music, Crown Amplifiers, Montecito California

James Loudspeaker Landscape Speakers with Buried Subwoofer

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