Control 4 - Wolf & Sub-Zero Appliance Integration

This is just a quick note to let you all know that Control 4 just released a new appliance integration device to integrate Wolf & Sub-Zero appliances into a Control 4 Home Automation System. 

You're first question might be why in the world do I need my stove or refrigerator connected to my home automation system?

Here's why:  Wouldn't it be cool and convenient if the lights in your family blinked letting you know your oven had preheated?  Or what if you're having a party and you need the ice maker to kick into overdrive.  When you trigger party mode from your control 4 system the ice maker can be automatically set to boost its ice making.  Or maybe you have kids or elderly who aren't so good about closing the refrigerator door...the system can be setup to play a reminder through your house audio system that the refrigerator door has been open for more than 5 minutes.

This is pretty cool stuff and just a glimpse into what the future of home control will look like.  If you're building a home or doing a kitchen remodel / upgrade, contact us to ensure your home is wired for the future.  These new appliance modules can also be setup to run wireless if running cables through your kitchen is not an easy task.

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