Digital Signage All The Rage

With more and more businesses adopting digital signage as a way to engage customers we are really seeing a shift into a digital world.  Digital signage is a proven way to provide your clients and employees with the latest news, menu items, company performance, and marketing information.  The following are just a few ways Central Coast AV has integrated signage into a broad array of businesses:

Credit Unions/Banks: Have you been to your local bank lately?  Was there a line to wait for the next available teller?  Did you see a screen broadcasting news, stock info and potentially new bank offerings or advice?  Most likely.  This is great way to keep customers at bay and a simple way to subtly tell them more about your services.

Corporate America: We've implemented signage within Fortune 500 businesses for a variety of uses.  In the lobby it's a great way to inform your visitors of business success and achievements.  On the sales floor it's an excellent way to engage competition and list top performers within the business.  And throughout the building it's a great way to keep all employees from entry level to C level up to date on company performance, outlook, and events.

Restaurants: While some people think of digital signage as bright and in your face... not appropriate for an intimate restaurant, we disagree.  Signage in a restaurant is a great way to display changing menus, daily specials, and fantastic photographs of the food you're creating.  Want to sway more of your customers to order the top priced items on the menu?  Display mouth watering pictures of your best dishes.

Credit Union Digital Signage
Central Coast Audio Visual has been installing digital signage from San Diego to San Luis Obispo.  We carry a variety of signage solutions to match your individual needs.  If you're interested in adding some technology to your business, please give us a call.  We cater to projects both large and small.

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