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Hidden Television

We often receive inquiries from clients asking how can they hide or mask their TV from being the focal point of their room.  Often times TV's can be concealed within a piece of furniture.  Here at Central Coast AV we will often use TV lifts to raise, lower or slide the TV into and out of view.  However, with displays often mounted above fireplaces, it sometimes becomes quite tricky.  This is where products from Seura, Hidden TV or Vutec come into play.  Seura offers exceptional mirrored TV's which keep the TV in plain view but your guests will never know.  Typically framed, Seura utilizes a patented mirror technology to hide your TV when turned off.  When On you get a bright crisp image standard of a typical ugly black bezel LED TV. If you're an Art buff and want your favorite painting to conceal your TV when not in use then Artscreen by Vutec is the way to go.  ArtScreen transforms a Flat Panel Display into a work of art. Ins