Homeboy is what happens when tiny security cameras hook up with magnets

Homeboy’s premise is to let you watch over your house with what Richards calls a "posse" of people, with everyone using their phones to get and manage alerts. Your posse can be family members or friends who can both arm and disarm the system. The company’s phone apps don’t show live video all the time, but will begin recording when the motion detector is triggered, and give the group a feed of that activity. Any video it records (while armed) is live within a few seconds so that you can check whether your TV is getting stolen or if it was actually just your cat that set off the motion detector.

The $149 camera has a built-in motion sensor, night vision, and the aforementioned screeching siren. The entire system, which goes on sale today, runs off a rechargeable battery for up to three months. To install it, you affix the small, circular base wherever you want, and the Homeboy attaches to it magnetically. You can then angle it, but there’s no panning or tilting like you’d get with some competing home security cameras that run around the same price. On the flipside, it’s a lot smaller than most cameras — cute even.

Read more: http://www.theverge.com/2014/10/21/7026079/homeboy-the-magnetic-security-camera

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