NEEO home automation system is beautiful, robust

Home automation. More than a few options exist at this point, allowing consumers to be more picky about what they want, and among it all is a desire for products that are both attractive and able to offer extensive support for one's existing hardware. Cue the NEEO, a two-part home automation system that aims to satisfy both of those demands, doing so with with a "brain" and remote and support for thousands of gadgets. All the while, the device brings with it a sleek design.

NEEO is bid as a smart system that supports "all major AV products" made in the last decade -- that's in excess of 30,000 devices, according to the maker. With these, the NEEO can connect to and control the devices using a puck-shaped "brain" and the remote, which includes a high-res touch display and an iPod-like control dial.

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