Lutron comes to India with an affordable home automation system

Technology has inevitably become an integral part of our personal lives, and most of us accept it with a lot of ease and excitement. However, as fascinating as it is, it may not always be very affordable. Similar is the case with home automation systems; as fascinating as the idea of switching lights on/off by just tapping your smartphone sounds, for most of us it feels like a far fetched dream. Why? Well it must not cost any less than a bomb.

Lutron, however, attempts to provide a solution for this, which is not only affordable but also environment friendly. Lutron lighting solutions allows one to have total home control when out of town or out for an evening in a hassle-free and intelligent way, by allowing access to the lightings via the Lutron mobile/tablet app.

Lighting can account for up to 10 per cent of a household’s yearly electricity usage, and up to 40 per cent a year in commercial buildings. It is noted that, in lighting of all kinds of commercial and residential establishments there is the potential to reduce energy consumption by 25 per cent to 50 per cent on lighting energy.

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