Evolution Of The Smart Home: It's Security, Stupid

Purveyors of smart-home technologies agree on little, illustrated by the seemingly sudden cacophonous chaos of competing DIY smart-home platforms, protocols, wireless standards, APIs and vendors on view in the Sands Convention space at International CES last week.

But there was a startling amount of agreement among the panelists on the Evolution of the Smart Home Supersession conference: Michael Pessina, president of Lutron; Kris Bowring, director of new business development for Lowe's Iris smart-home platform; Christopher Schlaeffer, CEO and founder of the Berlin-based Yetu smart-home platform, and Dr.–Ing. Rainer Kallenbach, CEO of Bosch Software Innovations.

The conference was moderated by Grant Clauser, technology and online editor of Electronic House magazine. The first concept all panelists agreed upon was the primary human need that initially attracts consumers to DIY smart home, regardless of the confusion they will face at retail: security. "What would make people happy is to never enter a dark home," opined Lutron's Pessina. "The idea is, if you can be secure in your home because you home is lit up before you go into it, that's a very good application. Consumers understand that."

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