How to kid-proof your home theater

I clearly remember the day my babysitter called because my 2-year-old had gotten his hand stuck in the subwoofer's bass port in search of a toy car. A light application of mineral oil did the trick, but he was lucky. Home theater accidents can be a lot more serious.

Every year, more than 22,000 children eight and younger are treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries related to the instability or tipover of televisions, furniture, and appliances, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. That's because kids like to climb. They also like to stick food into Blu-ray player drawers and haphazardly press buttons.

Experts say that if your baby learns from day one that all those flashing lights and knobs are inaccessible, he or she won't be as tempted to play with them later. So take these basic measures before your child starts crawling to safeguard him or her and your gear.

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