Upgrade from home theater to media room

The term “home theater” usually conjures up images of big projection screens and rows of Barcaloungers, low, unflattering lighting and maybe even a popcorn machine. Sound dated? Even the term itself sounds dated.

Welcome to the 21st century! As home builders and home buyers look for the latest technology to incorporate into their living quarters, home theaters have evolved into family-oriented entertainment and technology centers. These rooms aren’t just for movies anymore. And Barcaloungers are giving way to well-designed multiple seating areas that offer comfort, style and actually allow for human interaction.

On a larger scale, whole-home connectivity is becoming the standard for apartments, condos and homes alike. Internet controlled electronics are the future of home integration systems, from security, thermostats and webcams to your sound system, television and computers.

Read more: http://www.ajc.com/news/lifestyles/upgrade-from-home-theater-to-media-room/njc6M/

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