Sony’s 147-Inch 4K Laser Projector Turns Your Living Room Into a Theater

The Ultra Short Throw Projector (given its name because it “throws” images onto your wall, according to Sony) was first released in the US, but is now making its way to Europe. Priced at $50,000 it’s certainly a luxurious purchase, though I’d wager that there aren’t many things in this world more worthy of your money, aside from perhaps food and shelter, though I’d quite happily sleep in a box if I could project Daredevil onto one of its sides in glorious 4K HD.

Of course, purchasing the projector would require you to carry out a number of tasks prior to having it in your possession – firstly, you’d need to find $50,000 (begin by checking down the sides of the cushions on your sofa). Secondly, you’d need a plain white wall. Thirdly, you’d need a considerably large group of friends that you can invite round to your home, in order for you to put on Inception and pummel them with your smugness as they’re blown away by your new home theater experience.

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