LG's whole-home speakers are among the first with Google Cast audio support

LG’s Music Flow speakers are already on the market, and are an alternative to Sonos’ whole-home speakers. But while LG’s system has some interesting features on its own, such as a way to send text commands to the speakers through Line’s messaging app, it can’t match the huge number of music services that Sonos supports. Google Cast should help LG fill in some of those gaps.

Prices for Music Flow start at $179 for a 30-watt speaker, and scale up to $379 for a 70-watt speaker. A few sound bars are also available at $499 and up, and LG will sell a 20-watt speaker with battery power for $199 next month.

Read more: http://www.techhive.com/article/2909545/lgs-whole-home-speakers-are-among-the-first-with-google-cast-audio-support.html

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