Home security systems more intelligent than ever

Peace of mind is the most common reason why homeowners purchase a security system, according to Brian Duffy, president of electronic security for Per Mar Security Services.

Home security systems are smarter than they used to be. They can control lighting, heating and cooling systems, which Duffy said is driving their popularity. He said he only expects the market to grow in the future.

"It used to really be a luxury item to buy a home security system," he said. "With advances in technology it's become much more common."

Per Mar Security Systems, a family owned company based in Davenport, Iowa, serves various communities in the Midwest including Sioux City.

Per Mar Security Services offers security systems in many colors, styles and varieties. Systems consist of a keypad located by an entrance and sensors placed by doors and windows that detect fire, smoke, motion and broken glass. When the sensors are triggered, an alarm sounds and company's central monitoring station is notified. Dispatchers and service technicians are available 24/7 for Per Mar Home Security customers.

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