Meet the $270 home security solution that saved me thousands

Even if you’re not a self-described technology and gadget enthusiast, you’ve probably seen “smart home,” “connected life,” “Internet of Things,” or “IoT” mentioned a few times here and there. Do you know what the Internet of Things is, though? Should you even care?

Beyond the buzzwords, smart home devices and IoT in general are emerging categories that really are worthy of all the hype. Why? As I mentioned in a recent feature, these devices are going to completely change the way we live our lives.

As a matter of fact, they’re already changing our lives today.

In our new “Connecting my life” series, we’ll focus periodically on how BGR writers and editors personally use devices that fall into the smart home and IoT categories. To start things off, I’ll focus briefly on a device I have been testing for the past couple of months called the Piper NV.

Home security systems with monitoring service are typically quite expensive. Beyond installation fees, the equipment needed to set up a home alarm system can easily cost between $500 and $1,000 or even more depending on your system.

Then you can look forward to paying $30, $50 or even more each month for monitoring service, which consists of a call center that is notified anytime your alarm goes off. Monitoring center staff then call a phone number they have on file and if they can’t contact you to get an “all clear,” they alert local authorities.

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