Security and compatibility hurdles hold back smart home appliances

Currently, the success of the Internet of Things (IoT) has been limited to applications in the health and defence sectors even as Microsoft, Intel, Cisco and other large tech companies develop new uses and applications for connected devices.

In the US, the online retailer Amazon has teamed up with appliance makers to launch an electronic “button” called Dash, hoping to get consumers excited about their Whirlpool washing machine’s ability to independently buy more detergent when running low.

At the Gitex shopper event in Dubai last month, vendors displayed lifestyle products for the first time, hoping to tap into the potential retail trend.

Makook, a smart living platform, held its global launch at the event, hoping to spark consumer interest in the technology.

“We have launched a box that can talk to most other devices in your home regardless of the platform they run on,” said John Larson, product director of content for Makook.

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