How will the smart home change the way we live?

With What is the smart home?, I started a series that looks at the implications of the Internet of Things taking over our homes. The thesis is that the Silicon Valley geniuses who are designing smart thermostats don’t know much about how heating systems work, and the people designing smart houses don’t know much about houses or the people who occupy them. In 1956, if someone wanted a vision of the smart house of the future, they would go to architects; now it’s all about interconnected sensors designed by engineers. As much as I continue to praise the dumb home, we are going into an era of tumultuous change in how our houses work and how we interact with the things in them.

On e-flux, a journal "of critical discourse surrounding contemporary art, culture, and theory," Justin McGuirk worries about much the same thing in his wonderfully titled Honeywell, I’m Home! The Internet of Things and the New Domestic Landscape. He writes:

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