Startup Canary pushes high-tech home security

Digital home security system maker Canary is in the catbird seat for a startup, announcing its debut product will be sold starting Wednesday by some of America's biggest retail outlets., Best Buy, Home Depot, and Verizon Wireless will all sell the system and State Farm is giving Canary a seal of approval by offering owners of the security device up to seven percent discounts on their homeowners or renters insurance.

Canary Co-founder and CEO Adam Sager credits the company’s quick acceptance by retailers to the fact that it solves a problem for an underserved market — inexpensive home security for apartments and single-family homes.

“It’s what people have been asking for, retailers tell us that,” Sager explained, adding, “We’re building in the direction the market’s going.

“The retailers sought out products that were simple, that anyone can install and doesn’t overcomplicate the home. The problem with the word smart, often products that call themselves ‘smart’ may complicate your experience; they may not have intelligence.”

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