Google patent wants to make even doorknobs smart

Google acquired Nest and then Dropcam, so it isn't much of a surprise that it might want more. If there was any doubt there, this latest patent, filed just months after the two acquisitions, would dispel all that. It might be deceptively called "Security Scoring in a Smart-sensored Home", but the message it sends is clear. Google wants to make homes smarter, and probably gather more information than you're willing to hand over through browsers and phones. And like any other house, it all starts at the door.

Google's patent application might seem like a boring scoring system at first glance, with recommendations based on how well a homeowner secures his or her home, but the interesting bits are the ones hidden inside the patent. In other words, it's what Google is putting together that maybe more interesting than this particular scoring system. The components include almost anything from doorbells, to doorknobs, to switches, to wall sockets.

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