Cheap Tech Helping Homeowners Respond Faster To Crime

In the last two weeks, two homeowners have used the power of technology to catch burglars in action inside their homes.
Homeowners in south Minneapolis and Roseville used a combination of gadgets and small cameras to capture high-quality video of the thieves.
South Minneapolis homeowner Joe Craddock said his Dropcam by Nest video monitoring system helped him catch a burglar in the act. An alert sent to Craddock’s work computer tipped him off to the break-in.
“It is really nice to have your phone, get an alert when there’s motion, be able to see a still of it, and click to see exactly what’s going on in your house,” Craddock said.
A couple of weeks ago Roseville police say a woman’s $4 smartphone app, called “Cloud Baby Monitor,” helped officers catch the burglar right outside her home.
Maple Grove Crime Prevention officer Todd Strege said even the least expensive of these simple apps and gadgets are giving homeowners the upper hand.
“How readily available the equipment is now — plus as user friendly as it is — it’s not very hard to buy a complete system yourself and put it in,” he said.

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