Sounding the Alarm on Home Security Systems

Protecting your home from unwanted intruders is serious business. A modern alarm system with high-quality wireless equipment can be installed for about $700, but the real key is who is on the other end of the alarm.

"When considering a home alarm system, the monitoring is the most important. You can install an alarm that is just going to make sound in your house if somebody trips it, but the real value of an alarm system is it being tied to the police and the fire in case of an emergency," said Angie's List founder Angie Hicks.

When you meet with a home security company, find out what company they use for their alarm monitoring. Make sure it is U.L. certified or has a 5-star Diamond rating from the Central Station Alarm Association. You'll pay a separate monthly fee for this, which could range from $15 - $60, depending on how sophisticated your system is.

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