Automation Basics – A guide to the connected home

Few new technologies are as anticipated as the connected home. The idea that we can manage, control, and monitor our homes on mobile devices is truly compelling.The main issue facing the connected home and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms right now is that products do exist, but there’s no current standard or governing body to evaluate what’s good and what isn’t.

It falls on the consumer to determine which solutions work best for them, and whether they don’t mind running dozens of sensors, locks, cameras, light bulbs, smoke detectors, thermostats, baby monitors and security cameras through dozens of disparate and onerous apps on their smartphones or tablets.

Some users don’t need the whole ‘connected home’ ecosystem and maybe are satisfied with just one or two products.

Maybe a smart thermostat and basic camera security is all they require, that’s fine.

Others may want to invest in smart light bulbs that can be controlled remotely or timed to turn off and on, or upgrade their smoke detectors with something they can actually monitor remotely. They can do that today.

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