BenQ Home Theater Projector Review

So you’ve decided to take your home theater setup to the next level with a projector and projection screen, and you’re looking to keep the price under $1,000? Welcome to the club … it’s a big one, and growing every day.

There’s just something about that $1,000 price point, isn’t there? Perhaps that’s because a decent projector and screen combo can deliver some serious cinematic wow without necessarily breaking the bank. Fortunately, manufacturers have caught on and are now producing sub-$1k projectors that fold in features once reserved for premium models, like lens shifting, 3D capability, and optional wireless HD signal delivery.

The BenQ HT1075 is just such a projector. In fact, as a successor to BenQ’s wildly well-received W1070, it is arguably one of the best projectors you can get for less than $1,000 — $785.95 at Amazon right now, to be exact.

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