Design & build: An automatic home

When we started designing our house, home automation sounded fantastic. It was definitely a nice-to-have but other items were given higher priority because we thought automation would cost a fortune. But when Kylie and I went to the Home Ideas Centre in Parnell we found out otherwise.

As we wandered the labyrinth of corridors, packed to the brim with everything you could ever need in a home, we come across the econnecx booth. After reading through all of the information, it seemed that for around $3000, we could have a full econnecx system installed.

This would then allow us to control heating, lighting and security with the touch of a button from our phones or computers, anywhere in the world. Plus, we could set up schedules so our house would function automatically.

It seemed a little too good to be true, though, as other options we'd looked at cost considerably more. As we investigated the system, we found econnecx doesn't use external hardware controls, like expensive light switches or touch screens. Instead, you use your computer or phone and the wiring already in your home. Pretty clever, if you ask me and we eventually decided it was a must-have.

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