Building a Smart Home

Hope you were as excited about the lights as I was. If you have set up some smart lighting in your home, you will slowly start to see the benefits after you have retrained yourself not to flick the switch off lol. But to fully maximize the potential of those new smart lights, you need some automation. This by far will be my favorite part of the series, and will no doubt have follow up posts based on this part of the series. But what can automation do for us? Right now when we want to turn on a light, while we don’t have to flick a switch we still have to manually push the button in a app to turn lights off/on. This is pretty convenient but not the MOST convenient way we could do this. Automation allows our house to respond and do things based upon actions that may happen around the house. This could be a simple as coming home and opening a door. Or walking into a room, or even based upon the time of the day. Automation takes our house from being convenient to truly being “smart”!

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