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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

LG reveals Minibeam Pro, Minibeam TV pico projectors

Not all the times do we have the luxury of having a gigantic LCD or TV display when and where we need the most. Sometimes, all we have is a blank wall or even a plain white sheet. And in those cases, you usually wouldn't have a hulking professional project at your disposal either. Good thing, then, that you have one of LG's newest Minibeam pico projectors at your disposal, to make short work of displaying anything anywhere, whether at on the spot business presentation or a cinematic movie experience at home.

Portable projectors are becoming the fad among the tech savvy because of, well, their portability, which equates to their utility in whatever situation, whether for work or for pleasure, outdoors or, usually, indoors. And with advancements in LED technology, users no longer have to worry about burning them out too soon. In fact, LG advertises that their LED units will last 30,000 hours. Or 10 years of use for 8 hours a day.

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