Zenovia Electronics Launches its AIRHOME Integrated Home Audio System

AIRHOME is the antithesis of all “boombox in every room” solutions the market has been forced to accept as integrated multi-room home audio until now, says inventor Logan Jacobs, CEO & Founder of Zenovia Electronics and former co-founder and bass player of recording and touring alternative rock band Social Code.

Jacobs says when you play music to speakers wired into ceilings and walls throughout your home, the physics of that action and the surface area those speakers cover puts your audio experience literally on another level. “There is no way to get that sound if you are using counter-top speakers that are essentially just boomboxes — even if you have the best boombox ever, it’s still just two tiny speakers in a little box,” he says. “It’s like a glorified clock radio and they sound mediocre and always will.”

And then there’s the clutter. Other wireless audio products sit on your counter and take up space. Who wants a “house full of boomboxes” says Jacobs. So, until now, the only way to get true home automation was with complex systems that required a technician and tens of thousands of dollars.

Read more: http://hiddenwires.co.uk/2014/zenovia-electronics-launches-its-airhome-integrated-home-audio-system/

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