Home automation access: WeMo app permissions explained

Do you recall the drama and panic about Facebook Messenger permissions requiring excessive access to devices? And after the FTC hammered on “Brightest Flashlight Free” for sharing app users’ location and device ID with third-parties and advertisers, without users’ knowledge, it started a flashlight app panic. Sometimes the required access wasn’t evil, but some did pose privacy risks. Overall, app permissions are wildly misunderstood.

If app permissions seem overreaching by asking for too much access, then I pass on that app. But people with IoT home automation devices such as WeMo can't pass on the app. For that reason, we’re drilling down into WeMo app permissions, based solely on WeMo and not what more can be done by connecting a WeMo device with IFTTT. I reached out via email to Belkin engineers to find out what WeMo’s permissions really mean.

Belkin home automation WeMo products include a light switch, WeMo Insight Switch, WeMo switch, WeMo switch and motion, NetCams and smart LED bulbs. Through partnerships with Crock Pot, Mr. Coffee, Holmes and Osram, Wemo also has home automation and smart device products such as a crockpot, coffeemaker, humidifier, air purifier and heaters.

Read more: http://www.networkworld.com/article/2861353/microsoft-subnet/home-automation-access-wemo-app-permissions-explained.html

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