DTS takes on Sonos: We go ears-on with three Play-Fi multi-room audio devices

There were multi-room audio systems long before Sonos came along, but the market was tiny and very exclusive. If you couldn’t afford to hire a custom installer to come in and wire your house, you couldn’t have one. Sonos smashed that barrier more than 10 years ago and has worked to lower it further ever since.

But Sonos doesn’t license its technology to other manufacturers, so DTS—a company best known for its multi-channel audio technology—decided to exploit that go-it-alone strategy. In 2012, DTS acquired a company called Phorus, which had developed its own wireless multi-room audio system. DTS slapped the catchier Play-Fi brand on that technology and began licensing it to speaker manufacturers, including Harman Kardon, Polk Audio, Martin Logan. DTS also sells its own Play-Fi products under the Phorus brand.

Read more: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2856180/dts-takes-on-sonos-we-go-ears-on-with-three-play-fi-multi-room-audio-devices.html

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