Deck the halls with high-end technological gadgets

Scollard said home electronic integration technology is getting more affordable, so more and more people are able to do it.

“Now, it’s really getting down to where you’re simplifying the whole thing,” he said. “You’re running your whole house off of one application that runs all the other applications — it just makes it all in one place, and you can go to that and do everything.”

David Raife is a founder and principle at VIA International. The company is the largest home technology integration firm in the United States, and its locations in mountain areas such as Aspen, Vail, Telluride and beyond have introduced the idea of bringing a “digital concierge” into homes.

Electronic integration projects are divided into three tiers at VIA, each representing a price range and system dynamic. The first tier is an app-based approach, which focuses on simplicity. Apps on your smart phone or tablet are connected to home technology controls, including music selections, temperature control, lighting adjustments, TV channel changes and more.

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