‘Smart home’ gadgets become more affordable and more common

Homeowners are increasingly looking to technology for home security solutions, to save on heating and cooling costs and even to help them cook the perfect steak.

In fact, 46% of consumers recently surveyed by ERA Real Estate and HGTV said it was important for their current or next home to have smart home technology. And 51% of the 2,437 consumers polled said they’d consider installing smart home technology in their home to make it more appealing to future buyers.

Smart home technology often refers to a home that is connected using the Internet. “Whether we are inside the house or 1,000 miles away from the house, we can control and monitor it,” said Dave Pedigo, senior director of learning and emerging technologies for the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association.

Read more: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/tech-products-to-make-your-home-smarter-2014-12-01

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