Home Automation Company Savant Launches A Remote For Controlling Everything In Your Home

For the past decade, Savant Systems has built a business selling home automation systems for the super rich. The late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, even used Savant to automate his super yacht, the Venus. Now the Hyannis, Mass.-based company wants to make something a bit more accessible for the hoi polloi with its new product, the Savant Remote.

“For the 1% of the 1%, we are the home automation company of choice,” said William Lynch, Savant’s new CEO, who joined the company last year after serving as Barnes & Noble’s CEO. “It’s only been available for the uber wealthy. Now we want to make the Savant experience available to everyone.”

Read more: http://www.forbes.com/sites/aarontilley/2015/10/13/luxury-home-automation-company-savant-launches-a-remote-for-controlling-everything-in-your-home/

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