New home construction

For first-time buyers, Maasch encourages visiting the neighborhoods. Drive in, park, get out and walk around. Stop and talk to neighbors and ask about their experiences.

“This is precious time spent in understanding how the area feels to you, your significant other and your family,” says Maasch. After you’ve selected a home site and it’s time to build, spend as much time as necessary customizing your new home to your specific tastes and needs. Every Veridian home comes standard with custom-built cabinetry, including details such as locally crafted dovetailed joints. “Smart Home” features are big requests today, whether as simple as integrating light switches controlled by smartphones or a complete home automation system. Veridian Homes remains committed to green building, with the average Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index score of 54.5—forty-five percent more efficient than a standard new home.

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