LG announces line-up of new projectors for 2015

LG Electronics has diversified their portfolio when it comes to releasing electronic products, from home appliances to smartphones and tablets. But when you think of projectors, you don't automatically think of LG. However, for the past few years, they have actually been releasing some pretty good models for both home and business use. They have recently unveiled their new projectors for 2015, and it contains a powerhouse LED projector with Smart TV, and three minibeam projectors that are also pretty neat and useful.

The Portable LED Projector with Smart TV, which we will call the PF1500 for brevity's sake, gives you up to 1920x1080 resolution and 1400 lumen brightness, which makes it a perfect choice for a home theater. It gives you the equivalent of four 60-inch TVs with its 120-inch picture offering.

Read more: http://androidcommunity.com/lg-announces-line-up-of-new-projectors-for-2015-20150618/

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