Low-cost, tunable smart windows developed with ‘electrokinetic pixels’

Researchers at the University of Cincinnati with industry partners, have created low-cost, smart window technology based on electro-kinetic pixels, which can dynamically adapt for brightness, color temperatures and opacity — something that neither blinds nor existing smart windows can do. This patent-pending research, supported by the National Science Foundation, will hopefully lead to low-cost window tinting that can provide a wide range of optical functionality such as adjusting for color and brightness.

What is the problem?

Currently, most home and commercial windows use inexpensive, mechanical shades to provide privacy and to block light, heat or cold. These (as you may have guessed) are quite effective, which has slowed the adoption of relatively expensive and seemingly unnecessary electronically controlled window tinting.

Read more: http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/208174-low-cost-tunable-smart-windows-developed-with-electrokinetic-pixels

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