Apple launches voice-controlled home security

On Tuesday, Siri's corporate parent, Apple Inc., unveiled the first wave of home automation products sporting a "Works with Apple HomeKit" logo. Among them are light dimmers from Lutron, Elgato air and security monitors, an Ecobee thermostat, iHome SmartPlugs, and an Insteon smart home hub.Apple HomeKit features product compatibility with a new Apple-tuned communications and control platform built on the iOS 8 operating system for tablets and phones, plus a special chip in each HomeKit-branded device.

"But voice control is what really sets HomeKit apart," said Matt Swatsky, product development manager for Lutron, the global giant in lighting control based in Coopersburg, and a participant in the HomeKit product launch.

"If you've activated the 'Hey, Siri' alert function on your Apple phone or tablet, you don't even have to press the home button on the device, let alone open an app. A phone sitting on your night table will wake up and react to your voice when you say 'Hey, Siri, turn off the downstairs lights.' "

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