Worried about smart TVs listening in? Welcome to the smart home

The smart home is all about sensors – cameras, temperature sensors, motion sensors, humidity sensors, and of course microphones. They will probably come from a variety of manufacturers, because the cost of making a device connected is quite low, but ENISA reckons that the smart TV will become the coordinating hub.

This is debatable — there’s also the smartphone as a potential hub — but nonetheless plausible. As the agency said, the screen size allows for the display of a lot of information, there’s a good amount of space for processing power, memory and storage, and TVs are pretty good at integrating with other devices such as consoles and external storage. TVs are already used as hub interfaces in hotel rooms, ENISA noted. Also, TV manufacturers are really keen on their products becoming home gateways of this kind.

Read more: https://gigaom.com/2015/02/09/worried-about-smart-tvs-listening-in-welcome-to-the-smart-home/

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