How homeowners can have high-class design and high-end technology

Theater-quality sound comes from seemingly nowhere, lights and temperatures change as you move about the home, and, at the push of a button, a piece of framed art or a mirror turns into a high-definition TV.

It might sound like hocus-pocus, sci-fi or downright mumbo-jumbo, but it’s reality.

“Anywhere we can integrate technology in a discreet fashion, we’re doing it,” said Doug Dushan, senior sales consultant at Echo Systems, a local company that installs home theaters. “The industry has found a lot of solutions for balancing the desire for technology and aesthetic.”

The movement to hide technology, which Dushan said has ballooned in popularity the past five years, comes from split households. One party wants high-end technology, while the other wants high-class design. Typically, one has to be sacrificed a little to make room for the other.

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