Smart home: Connected household appliances and systems on the rise, sometimes working together

Wouldn't it be amazing to check the weather on your refrigerator door before you pull out milk for your cereal? That's now possible with the touchscreen of Samsung's Wi-Fi-enabled refrigerator.

It would also be awesome to have a thermostat that cranks up the heat based on your GPS location so your energy-efficient home is nice and toasty when you walk in. EverSense is a touchscreen thermostat that can also give you the weather, play music and connect to your smartphone for remote control while you're at home.

There also are now home automation apps to manage lighting, window shades, slow cookers, humidifiers alarm systems and even locks on the front door. But when your sump pump can call or send a text to help prevent a basement flood during a power outage, you know your house is really smart.

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