Can you be an Audiophile... and a Skeptic?

When I was a young man, still innocent to the ways of audio skepticism, I had a routine with my stereo system. It was the '90s and I was proud of my system, whose centerpiece was NAD pre/power separates.

Every six months or so I would reexamine wiring, ensure no speaker wire or interconnects were crossing or even too close to any other wire or electric line. I’d use zip ties to keep interconnects away from each other. It was important to me, after all, to ensure the signal paths were short with little chance of interference from outside wiring. I’d take contact cleaner and clean-up any invisible oxidation that might have built up on the connections in my system. As far as I was concerned, I was leaving no stone unturned. My routine also inevitably included minor adjustments to speaker positioning, seating and other miscellaneous room changes.

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