Smart Home Properties Charge More Rent

A recent survey from Smart Home vendor August Home shows that advances in Smart Home technology is playing a role in where travelers decide to stay during business trips and vacations.

In the survey, innovations in the Smart Home is one of the reasons why. 60% of respondents say they would pay more for a short-term rental with a Smart Home feature, such as smart locks, doorbell cameras, Smart TVs, streaming media and Smart Home security systems. Travelers also indicate they believe Smart Home features will be a big part of rentals in the future.

While having one Smart Home feature is appealing to the guests surveyed, with 90% saying they would desire features, a Smart TV, specifically, is the most desired feature, with 93% saying they would want one in their rental. They also expressed interest in Smart Home security systems at 91%. Among those surveyed, 87% say they would want a video-enabled doorbell camera, 86% want smart locks.

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