JmGo G1: home cinema projector with awesome sound

'Gorgeous' and 'projector' don't often sit well together in a sentence, but that's exactly what you get with the JmGO G1 Smart Home Theater. We've never seen a home projector oozing with so much style - this is something you want to keep on show, not mount out of the way.

But this isn't just any home projector. Capable of projecting a full-HD picture (upscaled from 720p), the JmGO G1 also supports Active 3D (glasses are not supplied). It's an Android TV and a Bluetooth speaker, with HDMI, USB and AV inputs that could potentially accommodate a digital TV tuner, a games console, a portable hard drive and more. And it's entirely silent in use, making it the perfect fit for any bedroom or living room.

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